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Skirack 4


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LEUMARK Ski- and Snowbardrack

Leumark – so they say – is presenting a product, all skiers where waiting for - and that for years, without knowing it!

Workmanship is on highest Level: The Leumark skirack is fully made of stainless steal with non slip rubber coated hooks, in which the skis or snowboards are fixed.
Up to four pairs of Skis or two Snowboards finding in this way a clean and proper place in your garage or basement!

Does this work in reality?

We mounted a Ski-4 directly next to the door of our Ski room (see foto)

Without using a Leumark Ski-4 we were not able to store Skis in this place because they would be bowled down too often! This space was not useable before, besides pinning up posters! Self-evident is that the System can be extended easily! Those who are looking for more security for their expensive snowsportsequipment because it has to be stored in a place with easy public accessibility can use optional available lock plates!



Result: The Skis or snowboards are attached safely! We think the Leumark racks are a really space saving, secure and above all clean idea to store skis and snowboards when they are not needed (and this can be up to 51 weeks each year). The price, starting at 58,50 $ is not a penny but justified considering that this is a high quality product which has to carry up to 80 lbs. for long periods!