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Forty years of innovation to stay one step ahead

Located in the Chamonix valley since 1963, Dynastar makes its know-how and expertise available to riders all over the planet.
Over the past 40 years, what started out as a small manufacturing company has progressed from a production of less than 10,000 pairs of skis to over 500,000 pairs in 2003, rapidly ensuring its reputation as a leader.
The story is unusual: Dynastar started out by distributing skis, namely the Starflex skis manufactured by Les Plastiques Synthétiques, and was created after a collaborative effort between Les Plastiques Synthétiques and Dynamic to design a new type of high-performance and technically innovative ski, the Compound. After this experience, a foretaste of its vocation for innovation, Dynastar then took off as a manufacturer on its own, with a name created through the contraction of the Dynamic and Starflex names.
Its growth, legitimacy and longevity among the world's leading ski manufacturers are due to its pursuit of a clear objective: to explore new avenues and constantly innovate, to offer each skier the performance and sensations they dream of.
The Dynastar company has developed around values that illustrate its commitment: the mountains, without which skiing would not exist, passion, bringing it closer to customers, and know-how, the in-house recipe to create skis that leave an indelible mark on history.
At Dynastar we define our core values as authenticity, proximity and technical excellence, which is why we chose to work near the mountains, to better understand our riding customers, anticipate their expectations and help them discover new riding sensations. The underlying goal, linking the past to the present and the present to the future, is to create the ideal alchemy between riders and the snow, thanks to high-quality equipment.
We continue to move forward in search of this subtle balance, consolidating our foundations year after year with know-how and patience. For the past forty years the company has always been a pioneer, advancing with determination and enthusiasm, all eyes turned towards the adventures of tomorrow.